Here we list the history of changes in remo across the various releases.

Coming up in the next release

Improvements to data upload:

  • allow to see upload progress
  • summary of upload results, including breakdown of any error

v0.3.41 - 8 May 20

Main Changes

Switched to PostgresSQL for database management, instead of SQLlite. This makes the whole app more responsive and reliable. For the rest, we implemented a number of small fixes aimed at making making remo more robust


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed annotation statistics inconsistencies for image classification
  • Fixed sending feedback form
  • Fixed autologin in browser, and in electron after user changes password
  • Fixed rename annotation set
  • Fixed export annotation form - missing annotation set name
  • Fixed Windows installation in conda env - pip failed to install package
  • Fixed duplicate annotation objects


  • Added support for PostgresSQL as main database
  • Improved duplicate annotation set flow
  • After annotations uploaded - images marked as annotated
  • Improved create annotation set flow
  • Improved save annotations behaviour
  • Improved data uploading and parsing - moved it to a separate process, which allows to use remo while long uploads are in progress
  • Added ability to bulk delete annotations for an image in annotation tool
  • Added ability to mark image as TODO in annotation tool
  • Improved description of installation steps. Also we are now asking user for explicit permission to install PostgresSQL and additional packages