Images and
annotation management for Computer Vision

Install Remo

Use it as a webapp or call it from code.

Local installation, open access and free to use.

Integration with code

Integrate remo in your scripts, whatever language and framework you are using

  • Visualise images, annotations and predictions
  • Manage annotations: rename and delete classes, add tags, save annotations
  • Active Learning and easily build pipelines
  • Embed Remo in Jupyter notebooks or open it in a separate window


Easily annotate your datasetst and keep track of progress

  • Polygons, bounding boxes, image classification, tags
  • Manage the annotation process: sort by status, create multiple annotation sets
  • Import and Export annotations in a variety of formats
  • Carefully degisned for faster annotation: shortcuts, zoom, smart annotation tools

Datasets Management

Access your datasets in a centralised place. No more scattered images and annotations.

  • Organise data in virtual datasets, folders and annotation sets
  • Search for images and reuse data across projects
  • Experiment on choice of labels for your models

Local Installation

No need to upload data to a cloud.

Support for Windows, Linux and Mac. Install Remo

What are we
working on next

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  • Video annotation
  • Team collaboration
  • Cloud deployment and storage
  • Support for Computer Vision tasks

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